Brief 2017 Update

So 14 months ago I posted a 2016 update saying stay tuned. I guess no one is left waiting now. Given the gap from that post to the previous too, I had failed at the saying if you don’t start, you’ll never succeed quite clearly.

This time however I have stuff to write about. But will break the ice with a summary one and then get into the thick of it over the next few days (yeah yeah).

As with last time, that post referenced Fedora 23 and now Fedora 26 has just been released - must be time to upgrade.

Other things have changed too;

  • upgraded ESX (6 to 6.5)
  • switched to vSAN too, now on version 6.6
  • installed a 10G switch for ESX and storage to use
  • upgraded all my boxes a few times
  • Ansible everything project continued to new levels
  • LOTS of tv of course, it’s my staple for downtime
  • fair bit of gym, which went up and then down and now out.
  • fair bit of riding, also went up and down and now trying to go up again.
  • no travel anywhere, not even for work. I don’t think I’ve been futher away from home than Pinjarra road since then.

But this time I have written more and will post over the next few weeks.

Fedora 26 watercolour theme

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