2016 Update

So it’s been a long time since I last posted. Much has changed and happened in the past 21 months. Gee has it been that long. My last post referenced Fedora 20 and now 23 is nearly 7 months old, with 24 about a month away.

Quick summary would be;

  • moved house
  • some personal stuff
  • changed jobs (big miner to big miner)
  • some family stuff
  • changed clouds (rackspace to google)
  • changed drives (2TB -> 6TB)
  • upgraded ESX (5.5 to 6)
  • upgraded all my boxes too
  • Ansible everything project
  • LOTS of tv
  • fair bit of gym
  • fair bit of riding
  • Adelaide trip

That’ll do for now. I should probably make a whole series of posts about ansible and what I’ve done with it, but first I think I’ve got another vmware related post cooking away nearly ready to serve.

Please Stand By

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